Operation Christmas update.

Operation Christmas has been a busy one this year but just stopping by here to give a little report.

We had a good crowd of around 50 in for the dedication of little Teara and for our Advent celebration which really helped get Operation Christmas off to a good start. All were given invitations to attend Alpha in the new year.

Our Blast! Kids’ drop-in family night went really well…great to see parents come along and play with their children, mix with other parents and get to know us a bit. A really positive night all round. The following week, over 40 children attended our Blast! Christmas Party and the kids had a great time. Really great to be building up links with all these children which will no doubt continue into their teenage years as they ‘move up’ through Blast and on to our Friday night drop-in for teens. We thank God for them.

Last night, we had the carol service at the Prison and were chuffed to have around 30 prisoners at the service. There was lively upbeat carol singing like you’ve probably never heard in your life and great live music from the worship band who came in to lead the carols. My talk seems to hold their attention and a few guys spoke to me afterwards about the Lord. We also gifted the guys with a bar of chocolate and a ‘Why Christmas?’ booklet, along with an invite to attend the Alpha Course we’re running in the prison in the new year. We’re praying for a good response to that.

Earlier the same day, a group of prisoners watched the film, The Nativity Story and the message was brought fresh to them. We’ll be talking about the film next Thursday in our group.

Our little corps carol service was a great success again. We had Peterhead SA Band, Aberdeen Citadel Singing Company and the dance school that use our hall came and did a few slots. This is just a low key carol sing along with some ‘items’ and a message (having said that, if was much more ‘formal’ that anything else we do!) We used the ‘Retooning the Nativity’ clip in the previous post in this box and the folks were invited to take God out of the box they may have put him in. All were invited to attend Alpha in the new year. Altogether, it was good to see around 60 folks in attendance, including mums, kids and grannies from our Blast! drop in and some young folks from our youth cell.

Ahead of us now is some more carolling, our Free Christmas Gift Wrapping event, our Lunch Club Christmas meal, and a few prison based activities. Oh…and I’m out on a Street Pastor shift this coming Saturday…that will be a busy night!

I guess all this goes to show that in our ministry as the Army at this time of the year, we can punch way above our weight in terms of our influence. We have a core team here of around 5 or 6. How much can you do with more? Lets continue to use the opportunity of Christmas to point people towards Jesus.

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