In Recess!

I’ve been blogging here for around 6 years. Blogging has been a discipline that has been really useful to me over the years and its certainly not my intention to give up. The topic of this blog is to comment on Salvationism, the Army and to speak into issues which perhaps warrant comment with the hope of adding something to the conversation. It has also been partly a reflective tool, where lots of theology and practical stuff has been worked out in practice. On-going reflection is important.

However, for me at the moment, there is still much at stake for us. Long term followers of the blog will not have failed to notice that the last few years in particular have been a difficult journey as we work out how to be faithful as officers in the context of a few things. The honest position is that we as a family are still on the exploration, and there are elements of life and ministry we are reflecting on amongst ourselves!

You may have noticed that comment here has not only been fewer, but also, perhaps, not quite so engaging than it might have been at one point. Part of that is that there are things I’ve felt I couldn’t write on without starting a war, but also things I’m working on that even for quite an outspoken blogger, aren’t for airing publically.

So, what of the future of blogging? I am taking a rest from blogging comment on this site. There will still be posts, but it will be news sharing, maybe some good book recommendations and maybe even some extracts of those simply to keep the blog ‘live’ until such times I re-engage more fully with it. I’m guessing it may be a 6 to 9 month rest initially.

Another of the reasons for change of blog is that I’ll be looking at maintaining a different kind of blog. Its difficult to blog consistantly and fully in two places, but from very soon, I’ll be blogging here. But as I say, keep Army Renewal on your feeds.

Those of you who are au fait with The Salvation Army will recognise the significance of that. In our ministry here in Torry, we’re going back to the very basic elements of ministry. We’re returning more and more to the streets of our community and engaging there and my utmost attention must be there for this crucial season. So, The Blind Beggar will be more of a journal of our work day-to-day as we seek to navigate this new season of ministry. It will also hopefully be a joint blog between Tracy and I. I hope it will be a blessing to you as much as a helpful tool for us in reflection.

Why am I doing this publically? Several reasons. We’re human and we need the encouragement from those who are interested in our ministry, but we also feel that we owe some communiction to those who go above and beyond to support us. I also value the prayer that goes into covering our ministry, and that prayer needs to be informed prayer. It gives opportunity for the blogsphere community to comment, encourage, challenge which is just really vital for me. Finally, it documents the story of what God is doing here….and thats always exciting to track.

So there it is, my blogging focus is shifting a little. Thank you all so much for reading, especially those who have started reading this blog as it appears on Facebook, and who have added so much more to the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you at The Blind Beggar.

2 thoughts on “In Recess!

  1. Hi Andrew,I just wanted to thank you for your blog here. I've only been reading for a few months. But I find your zeal for the mission of God so refreshing in the midst of a church that is so often complacent and content with keeping comfy in the four walls. I look forward to following your journey on The Blind Beggar, which I anticipate will be an even greater blessing and encouragement, in the daily practicalities of mission and ministry.God bless ya heaps!Yours in Christ,Rebecca Walker

  2. Hi "Caps"I hope it won't be as long as 9 months, but I understand you have to take time to be sure that the thoughts you're having are worth starting the fight about.I'm sure that whatever you're thinking it will be the right thing!I will of course to continue to follow your exploits on The Blind Beggar (does this mean you're buying a pub?) but look forward to your return to engaging with the difficult questions of Salvationism post-Christendom (I hate that term, but unfortunately it does sum up the state of our nation).Anywho…"God be in your head and in your understanding"Sgt. Dave

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