Stepping Down

I need to confess that my passion for blogging has waned somewhat of late.  Previously, a large part of my purpose in blogging was simply to add a voice to the Salvation Army blog scene with the dear hope of re-kindling something of a passion somewhere.  I guess to one degree or the next it maybe did that.  And, of course, my final blog series over there on leadership was, as it turned out, my final ‘shout’.  Leaves it all rather tiring doesn’t it?  In many ways, I think I need to leave blogging back in officership where it served a worthwhile purpose at least for some.

I carry out ministry in this new place fairly happily, thrilled to be able to offer some missional imput into an already successful church and do my bit, and yes there are some exciting things happening praise God.  In many ways it is a role that I’m perfectly fitted for, an apostolic role of evaluating, laying and relaying foundations, inspiring mission and prayer, new forms of outreach and all that stuff – I’m working every day with the stuff that really fires my passions.  Incidentally, its a role that The Army felt unable to offer us.  We pleaded to be released from corps officership to see if we could work the thing out and that we might be able to contribute from our strenghts rather than from our weaknesses.

And, finally, thats the last reason I want to take a rest from blogging…My natural blogging tendancy is to simply share my heart and as I’ve said previously, I don’t really want to keep on re-visiting our experiences of the last six months.  For my own sake and the sake of my family I need to move on.  The problem is that there really hasn’t been closure on the whole issue.  We still have had no response as to why things have ended as they have and I don’t expect we will very soon…still no response to the questions we forwarded to THQ asking for clarification on those issues.

Yet, as this Sunday approaches, I will celebrate the 15th anniversary of the day that I knelt at the Army mercy seat and gave my life to Jesus.  I’ll celebrate it and I’ll sing with thankfulness to him for what he has done and I’ll give songs of thanks for the kind, godly people who welcomed me as a broken young man and took me into their family and loved me as their own.  And, no doubt, I’ll struggle with the issues of pain and rejection from ‘my own people.’

Again, just a thanks to those who’ve journeyed with us and who keep us in their prayers and who’ve been kind enough to support us through thick and thin.  I will, of course, be active on the old facebook.  See you there!

Thanks, much love to all…be blessed.

yours in Jesus

Andrew xx

4 thoughts on “Stepping Down

  1. Hi Andrew,Just to say thanks for all you have shared of your life and experience in your blogs. Be assured that though you have felt pain, the Lord not let it be in vain. All you have shared will have impacted each reader and will be used according to the Lord's plans and purposes. And His plans and purposes will continue to unforld in your life.Every blessing for the future, and thanks again.Bernard

  2. Have to say I'm disappointed to hear your ending your blogging here – I've really enjoyed getting the meat of your reading or your personal discoveries and chewing on them a bit! It's quicker than trying to read the books or discover the lessons myself!I think your current adventure may lead to lots of useful lessons in mission and kingdom-related stuff, which I'm sure those of us who follow your blog(s) would appreciate. However, it is entirely understandable that you may not be able to share those lessons until you're able to truly mark off the end of that period, otherwise you'll risk getting into bitter mode.Plus anyway, now you have a real job you must have less time for blogging 😉

  3. I am not a practising Christian although I am an ex Salvationist. Most ex Salvationists can never get the army completely out of their system (its easy to take or push someone out of the army- almost impossible to take the army out of their heart). As with Chick Yuill I am certain that you are where God wants you to be – perhaps not where you will feel most comfortable but where you will serve His purpose. I still follow many of the Army blogs – I have followed yours for well over a year and I consider it one of the few that had Missional intention rather than the usual collective navel contemplation and one upmanship in the "Holiness Stakes" May God continue to bless your endeavours and make His way clear to you

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