Call to non-stop 24/7 prayer

General Clifton has, at various points in his Generalship called the Army world to prayer, particularly for causes of justice and peace. You may or may not know that he, in conjunction with Lt Colonel Janet Munn in her role as Spiritual Life thingymajig (sorry, don’t know her proper title….slightly out the loop!) issued the call a couple months back. More info can be found here:

This is big. The Army’s experience with 24/7 prayer through the wider 24/7 prayer movement has really sparked something of the dna of the Army off for passionate and sustained prayer. You know, its not that this impresses God and makes us look good. This is necessary stuff to keep our ears to the beat of the heart of God lest we miss where God is taking us.

My Army contact is much less than is desirable at the moment although I try to keep up to date, but I’m glad to be in relationship with some of the guys at Sanctuary 21 in the lovely city of Durham which is a Salvation Army prayer centre right in the heart of the city. There, although at their beginnings, they have a prophetic vision of prayer being the springboard to effective mission in a city. Oh Lord knows how long my heart has pleaded for stuff like this in recent years in the Army more and more. This is as primitive as it gets, as raw and passionate as it gets and as Salvo as it gets.

If I had a corps, we’d be signing up!

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