The Kozlovskys

Back in 2004/2005 I made a couple of trips to Romania and Russia to encourage the work of The Salvation Army there.  I met some wonderful young Salvationists, many of whom served the Lord with such passion, abandonment and dedication in spite of their own circumstances. 

One such young family are the Kozlovskys.  They were still young and unmarried when I met them back in 2004, but they now have two young children and are hoping to begin training as Salvation Army officers soon.  They are both currently engaged in the work of The Salvation Army in Bucharest, the first Salvation Army corps in Romania.

I heard from them a few days ago and their sad news was that their family car which they use so freely to serve others in their ministry in the Army has now become beyond reasonable repair.  They do not have the resources to purchase a new car.   I hope to be able to support them in some way and I am just writing this blog in the possibility that some of you reading may feel able to support in some way.  If you can, please send me a message somehow. 

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