Made in heaven…

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.  Here we are (left) very young and in love (which we still are) covenanting our lives to one another under the flag of the Army wearing my high collar like a good soldier.

A few days ago, we celebrated another anniversary – the 15th anniversary of us being together in a relationship which has quite literally been made in heaven.  I don’t just say that out of some sense of romance, I say it sincerely because God ordained that we be together in our life’s journey.  I believe this.  God brought us together in the way that he did, at the age that he did for his purposes.  Our whole life belongs to him and we want to serve Him alone all our days.

From the very beginning of our relationship, quite aside from all romance and youthful infatuation, was a very spiritually mature foundation for our age.  You see, Tracy and I only continued our relationship on the understanding that we would both serve in ministry together as Salvation Army officers.  Even in those days, you had to be married to an officer if you felt called to officership!  So, unusually for some, marriage and officership was the topic of conversation in the first few months of letter writing (we lived quite a distance apart).  We were 15 and 16 years old at the time!  Yet, our promise stood true.

What else can be said?  Tracy is now 31, I will be 31 very soon.  Thus far, we have had so many varied, great (but challenging) experiences, two beautiful and intelligent children and I hope so many more to come (experiences that is, not necessarily children!!)  But we are in a transition time as a family.  Our original vision was disrupted and we’re currently waiting on God to open the next volume of the story.  Pray for us, will you?  Its so important to us that we do what God would have us do with the rest of our lives.  We don’t want to miss what he has for us and our children.

In the mean time, I pledge again all my love to Tracy and renew every vow and promise I ever made her before the Lord.  And I pray that God will seal again those things for his Glory and his Name.

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