Mercy Seat comes home!

Ceitidh testing out the Mercy Seat

A few thoughts collided the other week and I decided to go for it!  I’ve long been wanting to set up a prayer area at home for us as a family as a constant visual reminder that God is among us and to encourage the children in particular to engage creatively in prayer rather than just at the ‘standard’ times.

I’d also been missing access to the Mercy Seat, not only in the context of public worship, but for myself.  Sure, in the words of Brengle, we can go to the Mercy Seat in our hearts.  Sure, we can pray anywhere.  But we want, as a family, to have God at the centre and a reminder of his call to us to seek him and be in relationship with him: saved and sanctified. 

So, having saved up some pennies I was gifted for my birthday, we went out in search of a simple bench that would be our family Mercy Seat.  As time goes on, we will use the tiles from the unused fireplace to post prayers and pics of those we are praying for. 

As I expected would happen, as soon as Ceitidh came in from school and saw the new addition to our lounge furniture, she just had to try it out! 

Crazy?  Yep, a bit.  But the question is: Would your home benefit from a Mercy Seat?  Go on… know you want one!

Set up ready to go!

Mercy Seat in practical mode as extra seating

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