I was having a blether with a colleague earlier, talking generally about ‘the will of God’ for our lives and the future of our ministry.  It brought me again to a thought that has been formulating in my mind over this last year or so.

I’m coming to believe that to find yourself in the will of God is comes through choosing what God has chosen.  I have just been aware of the massive things God seems to orchestrate in our lives to get us to go to places and situations which, left to our own devices, we’d never do.  I am coming to a place, with regards to understanding where he would have me, where I really must begin to chose what God has chosen.  To resist that is, in a sense, futile.  Now, I think God does bless all sorts of plan Bs, Cs, Fs, Ps and Zs, but even then, there is a path to be discerned and walked upon.

Having said all that, it doesn’t make it easier to discern what God’s path necessarily is, but it does bring clarity in the whole process of discerning what things might be your will and decision in comparison with what God has chosen all in the hope that by the help of the Holy Spirit, a discerning community and through much prayer, we might come to the best decisions possible.

I’m still learning to chose what God has chosen.

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