Corporate Holiness

Let me just clarify a point on what I said yesterday.  Its not that anyone has questioned what I wrote, but more that I don’t want to be understood when talking about being not being worried about the health of the Army.

What I mean by that is a preoccupation with our own survival and wellbeing in the sense of maintaining the movement and bolstering it either with finance or in some other way.  Health as in wealth, and health as in institutional ‘security.’  I don’t want to be misunderstood as saying that health, wholeness and holiness are not crucial.

Of course, holiness is an ultimate priority and this we should be concerned about.  You know, in some quarters the love has leaked out.  Both amongst officers, local officers and soldiers, there can be lack of depth and spirituality that comes from purity of heart and a close walk with God.  Its not hard to tell the spiritual atmosphere of a place…either a corps, a band, a youth councils, whatever it is….you listen to the conversation.  This isn’t to say that people can’t chat about regular day to day fun ole things.

But are you in a place where the Lord isn’t just named but where he is at the heart of the people?  Do you earnestly seek after God?  Are you trusting him to keep you holy and ‘in the faith’?   Are your hands clean, is your heart pure?   And what about prayer….is there a deep connection with the Father through the Son by the Spirit?  And what about our heart for the lost?  Has our commitment to the lost been lost in our lack of commitment to prayer and in hearing the heart of God in the world?

I say it a lot these days:  ‘its and issue of the heart’.  I used to think that little song in the song book was a bit trite: “If you’re heart’s alright, you’ll do.”  Still not convinced I like it…but actually, it alludes to something very crucial.  How is our spiritual heart? 

Finally….a word about connection spiritually with others.  Friends, if we can’t muster up some kindred hearts around the place, even Booth encouraged us to find those whose hearts are fired after the same passion, to join hands and ask the Holy Ghost to come.  Its so crucial that you keep your coals in the fire, otherwise you will not last and you will grow cold.

Let’s ask God to continually warm the hearts of the Army….lets pray for hearts baptised with fire and ensure we are looking at our own lives too.  Let’s not lose our vision and calling to be a holiness people.

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