Well, time does fly.  But time is not the only reason for the brief gap in blogging.

You may or may not know that we have really been seeking the Lord as to where he would have us in our future.  Sometimes against all common sense, we think we should return to officership and we are pursuing discussions along that line.  But seriously, this is no easy decision.  Nor are we filled with 100% confidence or even joy at the thought…but if the Lord wills, we will joyfully obey.  We have, however, transferred to a local corps where we soldier when we can.  Thats not to say that our ‘soldiering’ isn’t 24/7 anyway…regardless of whether we are ‘at the corps’ or not.

My conundrum is that in these last 15 or 16 months, I’ve experience what I can only describe the most fruitful season of ministry in the last 15 years – all outside the Army.  The people here have blessed us and affirmed us in ways we cannot have imagined.  A true blessing – and they have been most receptive to our ministry.  Can you understand why it makes it so difficult to consider returning?  As blog readers, many of you will know our heart.  But you’ll also know of our struggle. 

The reality of our situation is that my Methodist colleagues and Nazarane colleagues would welcome us affirmingly into their ministry ranks open heartedly.  Sadly I can’t say that our conversations with the Army have been so affirming.  I’m reminded, however, that the ways of man are not the ways of God.  His call and hand upon our lives is not harsh, sceptical or critical.  He has shown us again and again his favour upon our lives in this last season.

Another aspect of life at the moment are considerable changes in the church I currently work in.  My colleague, the ‘senior pastor’, has accepted a call to another church which will leave the place I am in without someone in that role for at least 9 months and people are naturally looking to me to step into that role, albeit with support considering its a church of considerable strength of numbers (membership of c.350 and a much wider pool of influence).  So, at least we have a bit of a time frame to work things out in.

We don’t want to be double minded in this….but we need to have our hearts settled on the right path.  So, please forgive this personal blog.  I covet your prayers.  I ask you to pray that God’s will be done and that he will just give us a clear sense of his plan and vision.  We are assured that we are in his hands, yet he also knows our need of clear guidance.

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