What if….?

None of these thoughts are particularly new, probably neither to you nor me.   In lots of ways these are the ‘what ifs’ which keep me up at night and the ones that create in me disatisfaction with the place we’re currently in; the things that motivate work for transformation.

  • what if we followed Jesus as earnestly as we worshipped him?
  • what if we took Jesus at his word?
  • what if we emphasised his life and teaching as much as his atoning death?
  • what if we majored on the resurrection as much as the cruficixion?
  • what if we viewed the crucifixion as restorative justice rather than punitive vengence?
  • what if Jesus didn’t just die to appease our guilt?
  • what if the politics of Jesus guided our interaction with society?
  • what if the headship of Jesus was more prominant in our church than the headship of men or women?
  • what if we took peace more seriously than ‘just war’?
  • what if we explored questions rather than pose answers in our evangelism?
  • what if it was a radical, uncompromising, unconventional, provocative Jesus we shared with the world?
  • what if we understood the need for deeper transformative learning rather than intellectual assent to prescribed truths?
  • what if we realised Jesus is interested in more than our spiritual lives?
  • what if we recognised that Jesus is interested in more than what we do ‘in church’?
  • what if ‘church’ was round the table as opposed to round the pulpit?
  • what if ‘church’ was open participatory rather than monopolised by the few?
  • what if membership was usurped by discipleship?
  • what if we took up our cross more regularly than we took up our pew?
  • what if we focussed more on relationship and less on regiment?
  • what if we were as potent scattered as we are gathered?
  • what if we sanctified public places as much as we open up our ‘sacred spaces’?
  • what if Jesus doesn’t endorse as much of our Western lifestyle as we think?
  • what if we adopt the message that got Jesus killed rather than the one that raises little objection?
  • what if we gave according to the Spirit as opposed to the law?
  • what if we were more ready to eat with bankers, refugees, druggies and ‘wasters’ as much as we are willing to dine with the fine?
  • what if we held our possessions lightly and our homes as places of sanctuary?
  • what if the whole body of Christ was mobilised instead of the ‘called’?
  • what if we integrated our secular and spiritual lives?
  • what if faith were as alive at home as it is ‘in church’?
  • what if we took seriously the capacity of children to be disciples?
  • what if we took seriously the potency of teengagers following Jesus?
  • what if old men would dream dreams and young men would see visions?
  • what if we recognise that Jesus profoundly disturbed the distorted position men held about the place of women?
  • what if we said ‘lets do it’ rather than ‘what if’?

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