New Book: Multi-Voiced Church

I just received news from Stuart Murray Williams about his new book.  Its bound to be a ‘must read’ in my opinion.  His writing of late has been profoundly helpful in trying to understand where the church is in the UK in these days.  Here is what he says about the book:

“We’re writing to let you know that our book, Multi-Voiced Church, has just been published by Paternoster. It costs £12.99 and is available through the usual channels.
Here’s a summary of the contents.
The New Testament indicates that the early churches were multi-voiced, participative and expected that the Holy Spirit to speak through all the members of the community. First-generation renewal movements through the centuries have typically also been multi-voiced, recovering this New Testament characteristic. But creeping institutionalisation has persistently eroded this so that many aspects of church life become mono-voiced or restricted to only a few voices. This book surveys the history of mono-voiced and multi-voiced expressions of church, offers a biblical basis for encouraging multi-voiced church, and explores practical ways of developing multi-voiced communities today. It explores multi-voiced worship, learning, community-building and decision-making. It argues that multi-voiced church is essential for mission in contemporary culture.
This is the first book we have written together, and we are grateful to many contributors who told us their stories, shared their experiences and offered ideas and resources for building multi-voiced churches. We’ve tried to make the book itself as multi-voiced as possible.
Sian & Stuart Murray Williams”

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