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I’ve been laying relatively low on the blogging front of late.  There has been a lot going on with regards our future. Many of you will have grasped that I’ve only just begun a 5 year (extendable) appointment as Ministry Team Leader at Trinity Church in Gosforth (a Methodist/URC parnership church), having been leading in the interim following my colleague’s departure in January this year. It has been difficult to say much as that has all been going through the appropriate channels.  The job also takes up a fair chunk of my time, as you may imagine, in that its a large church of around 350 members plus another 150 adherents as well as the folks on the fringe. 

The church have been brave (and even naughty at times) in appointing me as I am neither a Methodist Minister or a URC minister…or, come to think it, of any other denomination! (Which I don’t mind at all!) But…the church had a sense of what should happen with regards leadership and have pursued that.  Its all finalised and we’re looking forward to what God will do.

There will be a great deal of my friends and blog-readers who will think I’ve gone completely mad, especially if you know some of my views on leadership, church, mission, clergy-laity divide and all the rest.  I think the amazing thing for me is that I work in a community which is willing to learn from people who are different to them, both at Trinity and in the wider networks we are a part of. 

We are pursuing a mission-focussed, multi-voiced, non-heirarchical leadership model with five-fold ministry teams guided facilitated by me and several others…we’re at the beginning of an exciting new stage of development. 

Leaving all that aside, I’m simply so grateful that God is taking who I am and using it for his Kingdom.  The legacy of Salvationist spirituality is very much still mine, but enjoying so much valued input from other streams of understanding…specifically neo-monastic thinking and practice but more than that, Jesus.  Inspired by the Anabaptist tradition, I’ve been seeking to reorient my life around Jesus.  That might sound weird, but I’ve been surprised how easy it is to make our Christian lives about other things!  This has been liberating, not just for ministry, but in my personal life.

So, there are several ideas/things that have been ‘bloggable’ floating around of late….I hope to get going with those soon.  Bye for now.


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