One Life

Life has a way of getting in the way of life. The day to day things that present themselves as pressing issues, urgent and crucial. Then, you take a step back from them and realise that they are usurpers. Now, I realise that people with INFP personalities are often bored rigid with technicalities and the mundaneness of what some people get excited about, but even placing that aside, we lose track of life.

I’ve had a few conversations of late when I’ve felt the only thing I could encourage people to do was throw caution to the wind, to pursue the dream, go for it because we do only live once. This is in sharp focus as I find myself in a ‘funeral season’ in my day to day work. There is so much of life that we miss when wrapped up in our own cares and woes.

From a discipleship perspective, this dynamic is so crucial. We will never see a Kingdom come if we don’t believe that the Kingdom can amount to more than what we’ve become accustomed to. You see, if we’ve stepped from darkness into light, if we are signs of the new creation awaiting the coming in fullness of Kingdom AND King, our lives ought to be different. The Cross and the Resurrection change everything.

Yet, many followers of Jesus miss that dynamic and I often wonder how to show it, how it might be revealed, glimpsed and captured. I ask myself ‘how did it happen to me?’ I spend many years carrying burdens of things that weren’t mine to carry, its easy to become downhearted and downtrodden. I asked God for the courage to step out of that and show me a different way. God granted my plea.

In lots of ways, my world has vastly opened up. I see the reflection of God in many things: babies, families, busy cafes, human kindnesses and love, the simple gifts of bread and wine, simple music, a good book, a comfy sofa, giving, receiving, being still. I’m learning to stop and look. This enables me to help others stop and look too.

Yet, its not only in these ‘personal’ aspects that I find life opening up. A ‘full life’ perspective allows us to become more aware of the other person. We can be so quick to judge and pigeonhole people that we fail to stop and explore their wonderful potential, either for that moment or for life.

We only live on life here. The call upon us is to an abandonment…not to some religious imprisoning, but to freedom and fullness. We carry our cross as we go, the the path is a freedom path and our song is a freedom song that we invite the world to begin humming as we go.

“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.’ – John 10:10

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