Pursuing Honesty

Unsurprisingly, honesty is something we all desire in our deepest self. The yearning to be fully you and fully me is always there and we spend our lives in the battle between the true and false according to our environment. It can be difficult to be yourself. So many expectations fly. Life can overwhelm us by its expectation of us. It’s easy to place so much importance on what people think of us.

How do we pursue honesty? How do we become more fully our true selves?

Since the summer, I’ve committed myself each to what I’m calling my Contemplative Sit. Not a time when I come before God with words and a spiritual shopping list, but where I stop, pause, and enter Silence. Here there is no argument to win, no opinion to bolster, no ego to boost. It is stillness. It is moments of recognising that I am breathing, alive, and that I have life pulsating through my body. It is taking time to recognise what the Contemplatives call ‘the naked now’ or ‘the sacrament of the present moment.’ It is accepting that this moment is as perfect as it can be and to accept it for what it is.

Our Western society is shaped by the need to produce and consume. How important then to take moments of sabbath, moments of peace. Times in the day where we achieve nothing, produce nothing, but simply be where we are.

I find that in the stillness, in the hushing of my frantic mind, the still small voice of God can call out his divine image in me. ‘Deep cries out to deep’ and you can find a place where God’s Spirit connects with our spirit and confirms we are much loved sons and daughters.

In the next blog, I’ll talking about how I do that practically in the hope that you might find opportunity to engage in your own journey.

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