Pre-Baptism Reflections!

Since making the decision to be baptised in the River Almond its been an interesting old journey.  The event takes place this Saturday morning at 11am.  It was looking for a moment that illness would prevent me, but all being well, should be able to go ahead!

I’ve been taking a lot of time to reflect on the whole thing.  I’ve also been trying to ignore my own well trained internal arguments about why I shouldn’t do it…but in the end, that is exactly the thing in me (in all of us perhaps) that has to die.  Ego, pride, self-reliance, self-sufficiency and my own personal salvation project.  When I sit with my thinking on this topic over the years, all I sit with is a pile of arrogance to think that I was any better or any wiser than centuries of Jesus followers.  That’s my honest reflection on my own state of mind.  You’ll understand how much of a mental change (read metanoia = repentance) it has been.

. I think if I’d have been baptised as a rampant fundamentalist, it would have given me one more thing to be fanatical about.  It would have given me one more thing to be smug about.  One more set of religious arrogances to repent over.

Having said that, I’m glad I’ve waited until now.  Its not just about the form of a rite, its what it symbolises.  I’m glad I’m being baptised in my 30s, having sat with my own darkness, dealt with my own death, shed my own scaffolding.  I’m glad I’m being baptised in my 30s with a more developed awareness of Christ in the person of Jesus and the resurrection life and promise he calls to.  I’m glad I’m being baptised in my 30s at the beginning of a completely new phase and stage of journey in my spiritual life.  It feels like the right time…utterly.

Thanks in advance for your prayers.  I know its far away for some folks but would love any friends nearby to share the occasion with me.  Saturday, 11am, Newton Bridge, the Sma’ Glen, Perthshire on the A822.

3 thoughts on “Pre-Baptism Reflections!

  1. I’m with you Mr C. I couldn’t reconcile what I was reading in the bible and learning from friends about sacramental life with what I’d been brought up with. I think Jesus probably did see it as a rite – familiar to both Jewish traditions and certainly the emerging church of the middle first century. Weren’t his last instructions before floating off to heaven ‘make disciples and baptise them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit…’?

  2. I think ‘rite’ and ‘ritual’ help us explain the deeply unexplainable…that’s what Jesus whole life was about for me…explaining the unexplainable as he shows us the Father. This is what I’ve come to understand ‘sacrament’ to be…deeply rich and prophetic acts which communicate the uncommunicable. Its soul work, it really is.

    For me, its a direct response to a specific spiritual ‘epiphany’ which leaves me unable to do anything else. Even when my reason and ego reject, my soul says yes! The process of getting there in itself is a journey to death and through to resurrection.

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