Blog Review!

Its about 9 years or so since I started to blog, first at, and then at a few incarnations in my transition until establishing this website.  All my blogs are on this site and I’ll tell you….its amazing looking over the years of posts, remembering the journey and seeing God breaking in year by year with grace and amazing dealings.  From my perspective, a humbling experience to be able to see this transition ‘in writing’.

I have become aware, though, that there is a big need for a disclaimer on the blog:  it would read something like ‘I don’t necessarily believe what I believed a year ago’!  Of course, many things remain part of the staple diet of following Jesus, but over the years I’ve been stripping away all that I can in order to get a closer sense of what it is to follow Jesus.

Like the last post I posted from a few years ago, there are, however, still some things I’ve written that come back and just give me a real wake up and reminder of what good stuff God has been planting for a long time.  Its been over a year since this has been mine and in time, I’m hoping just to develop it as a source of some of my stuff including poetry, music, and any other stuff that comes.

I have to say, its good to be on a journey.  Its good to see God’s hand upon the past, the present, and gives good assurance for future days.  He is faithful.  On my very first blog I started with ‘I’m a man with an agenda..’  That agenda may have shifted its language and geography, but its still Jesus.  Thanks to all who tune in!

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