I’ve sorta got a new anthem for myself.  Stuart Townend’s relatively new song, ‘Vagabonds’, really speaks to me of the blessing of the radical transformation Christ brings. Apart from the catchy and lively musical style, the lyrics just speak volumes about that edgy and radical embrace that I spoke about yesterday, the call of Christ to the ‘whosoever’.

Our world continually judges on outward appearances, apparent successes, external facades and whatever personality it is we project. I’m particularly aware of this in my own life especially in my role at the church I lead and also as I try to keep the balance of my ‘liberal’ and ‘conservative’ Christian friends on social networks like Facebook. In the end, I have to admit to both that I’m neither liberal nor conservative…the whole polarity of the discussion just doesn’t interest me any more. I don’t feel the need to be right. Faith, for me, is not an argument to be won. It’s a path to explore in open honesty with others. Having said that, Jesus is central for me both as Saviour, Lord and as Rabbi (teacher). I am, by no means, sitting on any fence. The point is, I’m just not interested in the fence!

Thing is, we can take ourselves far too seriously. It’s one of the worst traits of my personality style…but at its best, feels the freedom to simply ‘be’ who I am. As I’ve been speaking to friends over these last few weeks about all this, the message has been ‘oh, just be yourself.’ And I’m like ‘really?!?’ You have to laugh. People rarely mean it, few of us have the vulnerability to live fully who we’ve been made to be, but yet it remains our most crucial task…to worship God in the way only we can by expressing our full humanity made in the image of God.

So, I’m writing this blog as a note to myself: Lighten up. Enjoy. Dance. Sing. Laugh. Celebrate. Cry. And everything else that comes. Come, just as you are. Meet with Jesus, listen to him deeply. Be moved by his death, shout for joy at his resurrection. Leave behind your survival dance and enter the sacred dance in partnership with the One-in-Three, the Three-in-One, Holy Trinity. All of that stuff is the antidote to being so frightfully boring and cardboard!

Here is the song…enjoy!

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