Don’t miss it!

Don’t let it fly past you!  Christmas, that is.  I’ve been passing out a fair bit of bah humbug in recent days quite on purpose.  It is simple because I’m not ready for Christmas yet, I’m still in advent.  I’m still searching, looking, hoping, wondering, holding before God my uncertainties and deepest longings.  Yet, I know all things, in many different surprising ways, will be met in the Word become flesh.

Because in our current ‘church’ culture, Christmas is over by boxing day, I’ll be moving my own thinking towards incarnation and the wonder of the Cosmic Christ of Eternity becoming limited to human for me and us.  I’m going to explore a few ‘practices’ in these few days leading to Christmas.  Here they are:

1.   Explore the light:  John 1 tells us that the Word brings light in our darkness.  I’m going to try and spend an hour each day before God in candle light and ask him what light he wants to speak to my life.

2.    Witness to the light:  John 1 tells us that John came as a witness to the light.  I’m going to try to find ways to bless as many people as I can in simple ways, especially in places and to people where he isn’t recognised.

3.  Glorify God:  Luke 1 tells us that Mary’s response to the coming Messiah was to rejoice in God.  Elf tells us that the ‘Best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear!’  I’m going to find times to sing out praises to God each day.

4.    Ponder these things:  In Luke 2, we read that Mary, amazed by the happenings surrounding her baby’s birth ‘treasured these things and pondered them in her heart’.   I’m going to spend some time reading  a little book of Christmas reflections I’ve bought by one of my favourite writers, Fr Richard Rohr.

5.  Bring Gifts:  The magi, In Matthew 2, brought their gifts before Jesus.  I’ll bring mine to and give my heart afresh.

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