Wholehearted 2014

wholeheartedSo, last year my word was ‘generosity.’  It was my year of generosity.  I’m not going to talk about that a whole load, I guess its not something to shout about, but it was both a blessed and challenging theme to live with through 2013 and I’ve developed some positive practices.

This year, the most obvious word to shape my year is ‘wholehearted.’  This word has emerged for me through the millstone of difficult times this year.  I’ve come to this word through an ongoing process of Cognitive Bahaviour Therapy after a major depression glitch last year.   I learned that some small things were causing me to doubt myself in a big way, somethings were triggering very raw emotions from my younger years and they were affecting my response to things.  News flash:  I’m not perfect!  What I am, however, is determined to be the best I can be and to respond as my Teacher would respond.

And so, at the suggestion of my counsellor, I have something which I carry with me which reminds me of the Teacher and which reminds me that I am a caring, compassionate, passionate, committed and wholehearted man seeking to do what I can as I walk life’s path in response to His teachings.  Part of being wholehearted is to be fully human, to experience what there is to experience in life, be aware of it, and not shy from responding to it.

I want to make a wholehearted response to God, in my relationships and in life as a whole.

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