So, one of my favourite pictures of leadership is that of Moses standing on the hill above the battlefield, interceding, whilst his people tried to defend themselves against an advancing Amalakite enemy.  Moses arms grew tired.  When his arms lowered, the battle would suffer, when he raised them, the battle turned around.  When he could hold them up no longer, Aaron and Hur got him a seat and then stood alongside him and held his arms up.

This weekend we had some folks with us from Southampton, part of the Pioneer Network of Churches, to lead a worship and ‘encounter’ weekend for us – Ignite.  From the moment they arrived I felt truly uplifted.  They spoke so many beautiful and positive things into my life which really connected with years and years of all that God has been saying to me.  Only God can do things like that. Their messages and ministry in the main sessions touched so many people, God was moving amongst us.  So many beautiful things, so right for the moment, that seem like they can’t be spoken again here and they were for a time and place.

I shared with a couple of the guys that I felt like the cavalry had come.  They sat me down and they held my arms for a little while, and that was great.  Aaron and Hur have gone home.  The battle continues.

God knows what he’s doing.  This is good.  I yield.

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