christThe run up to a Sunday morning preach is always a journey for me.  Often the sermon has been brewing for a week in my head as I sit with the text, read things here and there,  see things in day to day life which shed light on the passage, meeting with some of those who will receive the message on that day.  The time comes when the notes are committed to paper and the bare bones and pointers are on the page.

The amazing bit for me, always, is what God does with it.   Sermons rarely turn out as I imagine them, something will come forward as I speak, or I’ll sense a particular connection and develop it further, or there will be a pause…a moment of seconds where, in honesty, the word is coming home to me as it unravels further and the Word quite literally comes to life before us.

This is always a great privilege.  Humbling.  It is a privilege to have the opportunity to connect with the scripture and with God, especially in an environment where preaching is appreciated and the best mode of communication.   Equally, I love the quietness of the one-to-one conversation where the vulnerability of our own experience can be opened up to the other and where personal ‘miracles of the Word’ can be shared.  I equally love the creative exploration of new seekers, new disciples, hungry for the Word and keen to grow, be nourished and who thirst for more of God.  And then there is the wider buzz and wonder of sharing in a group setting, where a multitude of voices contribute, giving wider perspective to what comes.

In only 14 years of full time ministry, it has been amazing to see what the Good News of Jesus can accomplish in the lives of his people.

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