10 Years of Blogging!

10-year-logo-white-psdMy blog celebrates its 10th Birthday today!  And what a ten years they have been!  

I remember sitting in my office at William Booth College, in Denmark Hill, London, writing that post on a lovely spring day much like to day with the noise of the city and a cool breeze coming in the window.

Although my circumstances have changed since those days, my heart remains the same as that first post where I confessed that I was a man with an agenda to march to the Kingdom tune and make my life count.  

In that post, I quoted William Booth, who said:  

“Your days at the most cannot be long, so use them to the best of your ability for the Glory of God and the benefit of your generation.”

Ten years older, so many things are in sharper focus for me.  I’m struck with how we are so often sucked into a mediocre life in the context of such a fantastic gift of life itself and the privilege of being Kingdom people.  I’ve been so grateful for the last 10 years of exploits for the King and, at this pivotal moment in life, looking forward to all that he will bring in this next season.

Jesus.  Its all about Jesus.

So, what for this blog?  How is it looking for the next ten years?  Well, I’ve had a few blog ideas of late, mainly around trying to write more consistently.   I currently blog around once a week on average, and I’m looking to increase that to three a week:  Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I’m hoping to have a different theme/focus on each of the days as well as add the odd vlog.

All that remains to say is thanks to those who’ve been reading for 10 years, those who’ve been reading 10 months, those who’ve been reading 10 minutes and everyone else in between.  Thank you.

much grace, 


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