Love Feast

This evening I celebrated a Love Feast, an Agape Meal, with some 30 folks at Trinity. Simple liturgy from the ‘Mennonite Workers of Minneapolis’, some simple songs and scripture readings. After a time of adoration and confession with some silence and washing of hands, we shared a simple meal of bread, grape juice, cheese, grapes, coffee/tea and cookies.

There was a simple beauty as we talked around the tables about Jesus and his love. As we spoke about people that we’ve encountered and tried to love on, and those who’ve shown us love.

I don’t know how others found it, but for me, it was beautiful. Meaningful sharing of bread and ‘wine’ as we spoke of Him and prophetically remembered him, gathered as part of His ‘New Creation Community’.

Our table began our time with a toast: ‘To Jesus and his love.’

At the end we stood, held hands and shared the grace before tidying up and putting away.

It was nothing ‘spectacular’ or ‘outstanding’, but in it’s simplicity, Jesus was known and shared.

Simple, holy moments.

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