Advent Immersion

IMG_2034I’ve been really looking forward to the Advent season this year, to entering a deliberate period of reflection, waiting and hoping.  Today I had some time to write, pray, read and reflect and just had a deep sense of immense gratitude.
For some reason, my mind was drawn back to my baptism in the Almond River in rural Perthshire…just my family, and my good brothers Peter and Jim who helped with the baptising.  And, of course, that piece of landscape which drew me back after a significant earlier encounter with God on that there hillside, just by the river, which touched my soul in a powerful way.

I just had an overwhelming sense of gratitude that, in the same way God chose the obscure Mary, Joseph, Elizabeth, Zachariah, he showed he is still in the same business by choosing unlikely characters like me to work for his glory.  He has planted within me such an abundance of hope, one which even in my own darkest hours, never extinguishes my hope in Christ.

Oh, I’m happy to wait and wait on God if it means God is born afresh in me in the every day moments of life.  Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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