Spying in Geordieland

Well, we’re back in Geordieland, and lovely to be back in familiar surroundings and to see familiar faces.  We had a lovely visit to Trinity Gosforth this morning, where we enjoyed the ministry of my successor, Rev Peter Holwell, and had that chance to say hello to so many folks.

Having spent 5 years in Newcastle only recently, you’ll understand why, when it seemed like St Albans wasn’t working out as a location for our wee family, that Newcastle felt closest to home.  We know that even although it’s not necessarily our intention to be a part of the Trinity congregation again, we have many folks there who have been significant players in our lives these last 6 years, and who will, I know, encourage and support us working just down the road, although in a very different community culturally.

They say that you live life forward and understand it backwards.  It’s also true that we rarely see more than the next step of the journey we’re on.  Coming to Newcastle in 2010 was a curve-ball for us…we had no idea why we were coming other than that God just seemed to open up the opportunity.  My five years at Trinity was of some value in and of itself, but, of course, we’ve also got to know something of the rhythms and culture of the city and all going to plan, it might appear that those years may well just have been the training ground for a significant part of life’s work.

There are so many factors that need to come together for our return North, and Newcastle is at the top of our list, but we know fine well that God’s ways can be mysterious.  I’m more content to go with the flow, step out in faith and obedience and see what comes.  We’ve trusted him before, we can do it yet again.  He has never failed us.  We see plenty of ‘opportunities for faith’, but no big giants.  If the Lord is leading, we’re on a good path.

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