A Golden Summer

As August wanes and September is about to appear, it seems that it has been something of a Golden Summer.  Admittedly, I’m a crabbit bugger when it comes to heat, but I do love the sunshine and the rest and the gentle pace and the literal recreation that happens in a good summer.

We enjoyed some otherworldly rugged beauty of the Isle of Skye on holiday this year, beautiful scenery and sunsets in the context of a community a good way behind the bustle and seeming advancement of the great London conurbation that we sort of find ourselves in here in St Albans.

And to round it off, a Bank Holiday weekend at the Greenbelt festival, which I may well write more about when I’ve had a chance to sit with it a bit.

So, I’m arriving at the start of September with a questioning focus…what has come to me in the pause of summer that will inform the autumn and winter to come?  The question not so much ‘what will I do?’ but ‘how will I be?’

In my spirit I am both at peace and at unrest…living in the tension of both.  There are longterm decisions at play, but short term settledness.  Satisfaction and dissatisfaction in equal measure, but there’s grace at play.  Thank God for that.

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