Some of my Salvo friends have been kick-starting a bit of a discipleship movement.  Gotta love those crazy guys – I miss the good ones like mad.  This thing isn’t limited to the Army, they want to bust it out all over.

These guys and gals commit around

One Vision – to follow Jesus. Asking Jesus that you would do that authentically throughout the day

Two Virtues – love and love.  Thanking God for his love for you and asking for his help to love him and others in the same way

Three Vows – Surrender, Mission and Generosity. Thinking through how you might be empowered by Jesus to live in a distinctive way.

Its not something you join, its not an ‘organisation’, but an invitation to an intentional way of life in community with others.  It borrows from the essence of new monasticism, good discipleship models, and all the other good stuff that is seeking to equip the church from the grass roots.  Monasticism as a thing always came along when the church needed renewal as a grass roots, radical thing to infuse the church with Jesus-shaped disciples.  Infinitum looks much like the same.  Its time has probably come, alongside all the other stuff people are doing around the place of this nature.  People are tired of business as usual, and aren’t content to stop at churchianity with regards their spiritual lives.

I’m sorta out of the loop at the moment.  I’m not actively engaged in an ongoing discipling relationship with anyone mainly due to our geography shift a year ago, nor is there anyone helping ‘keep the edges hot’ with regards my daily journey with Jesus.  This is bad, and I probably need it more now than ever.

I reckon the kind of vision they set out is what I actively need.  To that end, I’m thinking I need to form me/us a hub.  Not necessarily a local face-to-face hub, but a wee group of folks who will agree to check in through social media or something.

The website is here:  It’s full of resources to spark life in the thing.

Here is Phil talking in a video:

Facebook page:

Up for a regular online connection?  Email me at



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