Journeying on…through 2017

Well here we are….2017!  To be honest, I still can’t quite articulate the disappointment of having to hold off our move back north, back home.    Thats’s not to say that we’re not making a good crack at life here in St Albans, but the move was more than just a practical choice or fad, it was a pursuit of a longer term dream which will eventually come when its time arrives.

We waded through a stream of disappointing and challenging things in 2016 and, although in good health myself, we’ve come to the start of 2017 a wee bit weary.  We know that we will be here in St Albans until at least Ben’s GSCEs are done, perhaps beyond.  I’m ok with that, but our hopes and dreams are not faded or gone, just resting.

Someone recommended that I read Paul Coelho’s book ‘The Alchemist’ in the last few days, which I duly did.  Its a fable of a young boy setting out on his quest only to discover that his real treasure lay at home, to which he returns with the benefit of having journeyed, discovered and grown.  He realises that his treasure was there all the time, but it took the journey to realise it.  Very much like the Odyssey, and TS Elliot’s notion of ‘returning home and knowing it for the first time’.

Life is like that for me.  I’ve felt like a wanderer for a long time, and one with a longing for ‘home’ – which is Scotland, but we felt equally at ‘home’ in the North East of England, with good access to Scotland!   ‘Turasaiche’, which is the moniker I use a lot, is the Scottish Gaelic word for wanderer, pilgrim, vagabond.  It has been a blast…but the more I journey, the more I long for home! I’m like a wee Hobbit longing for the Shire!  To be honest, my compass is set for north and one of these days, we’ll return, in whatever way, fashion or time.  That keeps it sufficiently vague for now!

This coming home isn’t really about geography alone…its about feeling settled in my own skin, knowing my own mind much more and getting a sense of what my own desires are.   We only get this one life, and we need to live it.  The benefit of life’s journey is that one day we’ll return home with all the benefit of having experiences different places and local cultures…and we’ll know what our treasure really is.

Looking forward to all that 2017 will add to the experience of life!

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