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blogpostHaving recently discovered that I managed to miss nearly 3 months of blogging over the summer, I thought I’d have a think about regulating my blogging frequency!

Back in the heyday of the blogging thing I was writing, along with several others in the same kinda community, on average of 3/4 times a week.  That’s a little bit more challenging to keep up with these days and maintain any kind of blogging quality.  I guess I used to do more sort of ‘here’s what happened today’ type stuff – I don’t do that so much now.

So, I’ve been doing a bit of research about people’s blog reading/writing habits and decided that I’m going to work towards two posts a week!

On Sundays I will be blogging on an aspect of spirituality and discipleship.  The inner journey; what goes on in the heart of the disciple!

On Thursdays I will be blogging on an aspect of mission.  The outer journey; the things concerning our way of being in the world.

I hope these will be practical, useful, and will give some inspiration and encouragement.

Hope you’ll tune in!


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