Casually I come…

Casually I approach the eternal throne,
and view the prize which I think is my own.

That is not what Charles Wesley wrote.  It’s what I wrote just there after some time in prayer this morning.   I’ve become sick of my own lazy spiritual self, taking Christ for granted and my salvation as a given.  Sauntering into the presence of God now and again just to give an update on how its going with me, and sauntering back out again as if I was talking to the barista at the local coffee shop.

Where is the sense of taking off my shoes for I’m on Holy ground?

Where have I been so moved by the presence of God that I’ve fallen on my face in the light of the glory?

What fear of God is there in me that treats his Word so lightly and his grace so cheaply?

And who is it I have in mind when I come in and dare to speak to Him?

I bring nothing before him.  Nothing but Christ in me, and how easy it is to grow complacent of that.  The huge risk we run as Christians is that we’re surrounded by a mainly lovely safe and cosy Christian culture, reasonable exposure to the Bible or the latest spiritual fad, or the latest church growth strategy that will ‘do it this time’.  It is easy to take on the name Christian, be in Christian ministy of some desription and yet still have the world think the sun shines from you and even start to believe the hype!

I don’t think God is a monster in the sky.  I believe he is love, grace and mercy…but he is also holy, righteous, just and not to be mocked.  And it is for this purpose that Christ opens the door for us to enter, but woe to us if we get so spiritually sloppy that we forget just what we are doing.  Don’t fall into the trap of thinking God is nice.  He is dangerous and we dare not be careless.

Only by grace can we enter, only by grace can we stand.
Not by our human endeavour, but by the blood of the Lamb.

Before I can think about attempting any sort of leadership of others I need to get myself to the place of deep consecration, deep into him.  I need a fresh perspective of who God is and what he demands.  I need a fresh understanding of the height from which I’ve fallen and the depths from which I’ve been raised in Christ.  I need to hear again the call to holiness and surrender to the will and purposes of God and to count my life as nothing compared to Christ and care not what anyone else thinks about that.  ‘But don’t you have assurance, Andrew?’  Oh yes, God is entirely faithful and able to keep me…what I often lack is the desire to respond as I should.  And that grace to respond comes from God too, and so we seek it, it is why we are so needful of prayer but so lax in appropriating it.

I write, asking if you are in a similar place.  Let us kneel together before Him and ‘ponder anew what the Almighty can do’ in us and through us.

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