Glimpsing Glory

Sometimes you just have to take a few moments for awe.

As I get older I guess I’m finding I’m much more on the look out for God’s glory and grace shining through in the most surprising places…not that it comes just with physical age, but I guess I’m begining to look for different things in ministry rather than the predictable measures, sound as they are.  It is very much because you eventually cotton on to the idea that what God’s view of ‘success’ is can be very different to what ours is.

Today, as many days, I have had the opportunity to listen to, and encourage, what God is saying and doing in other people’s lives.  I have the chance to reflect back, offer affirmation or challenge, pose a question, and celebrate the good stuff.  Sometimes even weep the bad stuff.  That’s awesome.

Being inspired by a mature Christians’ faithfulness, or invogorated with a young persons’ passion, and everything in between is an exercise in tracing God’s presence.

There are always tough things that go on in communitities of people.  I can’t count the amount of times when I’ve sat down and questioned ‘why on earth do I invest my life in this?’  And, no matter the amount of times I decide to quietly want to walk in the other direction, there is just that glint or glimmer that says ‘God’s not finished with this thing yet, and he’s not finished with you and this ministry you’re called to.’  What else is there to do but bow the knee and say ‘Yes, Lord!’  (because ‘No, Lord’ is just a terrible contradiction of terms).

Bowing the knee means places I wouldn’t choose, people I wouldn’t normally come into contact with, decisions and actions I wouldn’t regularly contemplate, and definetely a geography that I’d rarely freely choose.  But, none of that ultimately matters in the wider scheme of things because God, again and again, through a mix of good and pretty awful circumstances brings me to the place he wants me in for the season.

So, my job is to continue to hoist the sail of the Spirit.  Hear what he’s saying, see what he’s doing, respond to his calling.  When I’m doing that he doesn’t fail to let his glory be seen.  Maybe you just need that encouragement today.  He is the one who calls… he is faithful, and he will do it!


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