Ministry Inventory for a New Season

In my head, I’m an avid, regular blogger. In reality, I’m pretty terrible! (Note to self: must do better!). This little blog here isn’t too far off being 20 years old…and it tells the rather adventurous ups, downs, ins and outs of ministry and much of God’s leadings along the way. A look back over this more public record is in many ways a testament to God’s faithfulness much more than it is to mine! With hindsight, I can see the hand of God as the Divine Author of my story, in spite of my tendancy to tear out a page or write unhelpfully in the margins most of the time!

What I am learning right now, is that the ‘skill’ to steady progress in ministry and discipleship is to integrate learning as you go. What do I mean? Well, sometimes there are seasons where one particular idea or ‘flavour’ of ministry dominate and provide great opportunities for growth. When the ‘next one’ comes along, it’s easy to disregard the former.

More and more, I recognising that the skill isn’t to just move on from one thing to the next, but to try and keep the gold of each piece of learning and build. Somethings that I’ve been recovering recently and reintegrating into my life in a more way isa good grounding in the subject of spiritual warfare, intercessory prayer and the prophetic. In addition, refreshing my perspective and use of spiritual gifts that sometimes I can lose sight of. In other seasons, it may equally be the ministry of spiritual direction, expository preaching, or leading musical worship that I need to reintegrate.

The reality is that we go through phases, and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Different seasons demand different resources. The big this is not to throw any proverbial babies out with the bathwater, but to review, to renew, re-evaluate and take inventory of all God has done and wants to do.

I’m so thankful that God never puts me on the scrapheap. In fact, it is over due that I mention the fact that I was very pleased to recently have been affirmed by the Baptist Union of Great Britain’s Ministerial Recognition Committee, and have been enrolled on the list of Fully Accredited Baptist Ministers. In the midst of all that is going on in life (busy ministry PLUS catching Covid19) I just haven’t had time to reflect on just how much of step this is for me both for my current journey and for whatever God may have for me down the line. Its also a testimony to the gentle working of God – I’m sure if you look hard enough in this blog you’d likely find somewhere an ungracious rant about sacraments from my Salvation Army days. As I said, we grow, develop…and we sometimes move on from positions we once thought natural and tenable, but which, somehow, stop making sense.

This is part of the journey onwards. A new season for me, a new family to settle and belong to….and a whole load of things to review and re-learn.