Transition is exciting (and scary)!

Life is changing once more: after nearly five years in Hertford, and 12 years ‘down south’, the hopes of returning north which have fuelled many an hour of prayer are opening up in some spectacular ways. With every thought of moving to the next chapter there is a grieving to endure and that is real right now – the pull of the familiar is always strong, even when the opening of the new chapter is thoroughly and divinely compelling!

The reality is that in each place we have been in ministry over 20 years, relationships go deep and the level of personal investment in a situation is deep. As soon as an announcement is made that you’re moving on, the game shifts. You’re then into handover mode for the ministry as well as transition mode for yourself. In addition, you’ve got another eye on practicalities and transitions to be made. That really does involve a particular mindset in order to get the balance right for the transition.

Whilst the call to be ministering on the Isle of Arran off the Ayrshire coast has been an amazing story in and of itself, I am moving into a pioneering setting and there are many unknowns as far as the details are concerned, although much of that will become clearer sooner rather than later. I’ve sought to prioritise the strength of call, believing that God will provide the necessary things we need in order for this to come to full fruition.

So, here are the ways we need some prayers right now:

  • ongoing discussion about how my time will be spent on the Isle of Arran, and the financial resources for that to happen. We are open to initially raising part of our financial support if needed in order to be faithful to the call God has given to see the ministry launch and transition. More detail to follow!
  • an opening for Tracy to teach in one of the island’s schools, or in other suitable work.
  • for good transition for the girls into new schools and for a good round off to their year where we are now
  • a good end to this particular chapter so far as it depends on me.

I am really looking forward to sharing more detail of my future work once the details are fixed. It is so exciting! I pinch myself every day that God has called me to this opportunity – a role which it feels God has been preparing me for over a decade and which dovetails perfectly into who God has shaped me to be over many years. Let me put it in context: the essence of the kind of ministry I’m hoping will emerge first started as a seed in my heart back in 2007! It is a long-burn of a vision and it appears the time is now right!