Shrödinger’s Pastor

Yep – I’m in that ‘neither here nor there’ place. I’m seeking to do what I can to fulfil and round off ministry at HBC and also got half an eye to work that I’ll pick up in Arran in August, whilst also thinking through logistics of moving, somewhere to live, and all that. It’s definitely not that there’s a lack of stuff to do, but these in between spaces are very strange places to inhabit. You’d think I’d get used to it, but you really don’t.

There’s something very resonant in the scriptures about this in-between place. The Israelites ate the passover in their travel clothes and wandered the desert for a generation. We read that the Son of Man had no place to lay his head. We read that we inhabit the Kingdom of God which has come but not fully. We are ‘in Christ’ and ‘seated in Heavenly realms’ but also living fairly regular lives here on earth.

We are in-between people.

The gift of the in-between is the gift of being able to hold things lightly – to recognise the impermanence of everything around us. Soon not only our location, but our roles, our relationships, our priorities, and pretty much everything else will be in an entirely new place. Not only are we evaluating our physical stuff – what we will take – but I’m also evaluating ideas, ways of being and thinking, modes of mission and ministry…even various aspects of theology that are long overdue a revisit.

I’m having a right good clear out – and that feels good. I’m a fairly eclectic person in that I appreciate all sorts of things from all sorts of traditions, backgrounds and perspectives, but there are times when that feels very cluttered. Spiritually speaking, I’m in a season where I’m after a new simplicity. It’s not that I don’t want to think things through or become close-minded…what I mean is that I am in a season of holding many things more lightly, but delighting in the simplicity of the things that just are.

For me, theologically, that’s the Lordship of Christ and obedience to him. It’s his saving and sanctifying grace, the power of the gospel as real good news, and the privilege of co-mission with God. For me, that’s the foundation of everything – the foundation for discipleship, marriage, family life, ministry and everything else. There’s a great freedom in this.

I’m in-between all sorts of things, but Jesus is the solid foundation.