The Celtic Fire

I sometimes get back home in the middle of the day. As we’re usually out for most of the daytime, our central heating system isn’t due to be on. These last few days, instead of heating the whole house, I’ve just been heating the room I’m in using the log burner. You can’t just set the fire though. There’s usually ash and dross from the last fire, then the fire has to be laid before its set alight. Finally, it’s not a fully fledged fire until there are people to share it with.

A conversation earlier reminded me of the reality of this in the spiritual sense. There are many spiritually cold hearths here on our Island. There are remnants of old fires in old houses with none to clear them out, tend them, sweep them clear and rebuild the fire. Once kindled, a fire needs stokers – those who will add fuel and ensure the air gets around it.

We will not be content on Arran for spiritual fires to lay dormant or waning.

No. We will gather those to clear our the ashes and cinders of former days. To sweep clear. To set a new fire. We’ll gather those to stoke it, and around the fire we will hear the tales from God of the adventures we must embark upon.

Come, Holy Fire.
Bring cleansing, renewal and warmth.
Stoke the dying devotion of our hearts;
set us ablaze with your passion
for your Name, the Island, the Nation
and the World.