God is really stirring us up.  He is showing up and giving us Spirtual heartburn.  God has so much more to bring us and we sense a cloud waiting to burst open.  People are being motivated for prayer, getting hungry for His presence and asking themselves “what is going to happen”…expectation is high and God longs to fill those who are hungry and thirsty.  God is disturbing. 

We are also firing up for our Alpha Campaign in August, firing up for our childrens club in August to which we get around 120 children, firing up for village warfare during our motorcade through the disctrict in preparation for Alpha.   We are firing up for door to door prayer ministry and requests, we are cranking up our intercession for our prodigals and preparing a prospectus for a weekly War Academy discipleship programme. 

We are firing up for more corporate prayer with monthly all-corps intercession nights alongside our weekly early morning prayer.  We are getting our songsters and band into training for more fruitful ministry.

We are going for it blood and fire…nothing else for it…we have a community to win. 

in Jesus


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