We’ve just returned from a two week break. In may ways it was restful, we drove through some beautiful bits of Scotland and the Republic of Ireland (although we had to endure England on the way!). I love Scotland’s moody weather and dramatic landscapes up North. I’ve got tartan blood (yellow red and blue tartan of course). I’m addicted to Scotland…need a fix now and again. But I was very restless for two reasons.

Firstly I had trouble tearing myself away from the war here in Pill…still felt it was early to take a holiday but had to really for the second reason… secondly, I was conducting a family wedding on the last day of it. Its the last bit I want to blog about.

I was conducting my cousin’s wedding. My cousin, Julie-Anne and her husband John have a child together. Little Aiden was accidentaly given an MMR vaccination when he was a tiny baby and was very ill. I emailed the UK Territory with a prayer request that Aiden would be well and that Julie-Anne and John would recognise God in some way.

Well, many people told us that they prayed. Aiden is now a healthy young toddler and John and Julie-Anne chose to have a Christian wedding ceremony conducted by yours truly. Praise God he answers prayer. But I am not yet satisfied. I want my family for Jesus Christ. I want Him to save them and I want Him to use whoever and whatever to influence them for the gospel.

I had theological reservations about the wedding…they have a child, John has been divorced, but rightly or wrongly, I decided to take the opportunity for the sake of the Gospel. Was it right to sanction there relationship, or is it the case of getting them our of “sin” as quickly as possible? Was is a decision based on not wanting to say no, or is it part of God’s plan to make himself know to these people in a more direct way? I had to pray for forgiveness if I had done wrong.

When it comes to family I love I am so desperate that I do almost anything to say a few words to the extent that perhaps I compromise a little to much. But, hey, I did it. All I can do is use this deepened relationship with John and Julie-Anne to influence them for the gospel. Pray for me, will you?

As I drove, after the service, from the Castle to my parents to change into my kilt for the knees up, I sang to myself Keith Green’s song “No Compromise.” Its a song I have to sing often to dedicate myself to what I understand to be God’s plan…but for the other times, when I don’t have a clue, I just have to trust the mercy of God.

“Make my life a prayer to You

I wanna do what You want me to

No empty words and no white lies

No token prayers no compromise

I wanna shine the light You gave

Thru Your Son You sent to save us

From ourselves and our despair

It comforts me to know You’re really there


Well I wanna thank You now

For being patient with me

Oh it’s so hard to see

When my eyes are on me

I guess I’ll have to trust

And just believe what You say

Oh you’re coming again

Coming to take me away

I wanna die and let You give

Your life to me so I might live

And share the hope You gave me

The love that set me freeI wanna tell the world out there

You’re not some fable or fairy tale

That I’ve made up inside my head

You’re God the Son and You’ve risen from the dead


I wanna die and let You give

Your life to me so I might live

And share the hope You gave me

The love that set me free”

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