Watching the movie Gladiator on television at the moment…its a bit gory, but it has brought something into focus for me. When you are in the thick of the battle, it can be disorientating…confusion can set in…its only when you review things that you can see what you have won and lost.

It also helps to have the right armour on…if you don’t, it involves a lot difficulty in battle because of it. Prayer in the Spirit, faith, trust, the word of God…all necessary. How can we possibly be of any success in the Christian life if we do not take care of our spirits? It has been pointed out that the only bit of the body in Ephesians 6 that is not protected is our backs…that means that firslty we must not turn back in our service for the Lord, and secondly, we must be aware of the weak spots where the devil and his agents will attack.

Who dares to say that the Christian life is not a battle? Who dares to say that the Christian life is all glorious? The only thing we can do at times it to prepare properly for the fight. In these days, as the world goes its way and we continue to cling to the Lord, the times will get difficult.

We have God’s promise of protection and his promise of eternal life. The life and salvation of our village lies with us. Will we fight? It will cost, but will we fight?

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