Hi! Just a fab section of Captain Steve Court’s blog to think about. Its fab:

“We didn’t just talk about evangelism and read books on it. We kitted up and headed for the front and never stopped to inquire politely of people “would you like to join us?” We lived out heroic lives amid the everyday traffic and people flocked to our colours. The only question we asked was “Can you keep up?” We were heroes, to saints and sinners alike.”Geoff is describing the primitive Salvation Army. And my pulse jacks up when I read it. We’ve got some warriors here on our front who are going for it in a similar way. In most places open air meetings are out of style. Our guys do them at least twice a week. The march consists of a portable sound system sitting in a grocery cart (rescued from a back alley) blasting the live music of soldiers all sallied up (that is, in uniform!) shouting the praises of Yahweh through a tough block of hurt and sin. Then they set up at a little ‘park’ and sing and preach and pray and testify their hearts out to crowds that seem to be growing both larger and slightly more hostile (by that I only mean that there are more hecklers- I guess they are catching our schedule). And when they go home at the end of the meeting, it is to slum rooms just a couple of blocks away (in other words- they live there).They are in the midst of crafting heroic lives like the warriors Geoff describes above. I esteem them. May God multiply their number to billions. If you can empathise then please raise up as many as you can. If you can only sympathise then please take the plunge yourself.

Excellent. Have we lost our bottle? Do we convince ourselves that our tried and tested warfare won’t work? Do we have the courage? Are we too sophisticated?




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