Samuel Brengle wrote a chapter in one of his books (sorry, can’t remember which one) about the spiritual benefits of shouting. Ever tried it? I find that it usually means shouting praise of some sort, not just shouting any old thing!!

I do it in the car. Tracy often comes into the car and wonders why the radio is turned up so loud…shouting some good old praise music out.

I also do it during meetings…now, I can sing fairly pleasantly and in tune, but there are some songs where you just have to sing as loud and as enthusiasticlly as you can!..even if it is out of tune.

God continually challenges me about my reservedness at times…that might surprise at least some blog readers that know me.

Easter 2003 – God spoke to me directly the challenge: “soldier, will you be undignified and realease your praise?” Undignified worship…its messy…almost like breaking open an alabaster jar full of perfume in a small room.

Shout it.


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