Captain needza holiday…

I’ve had a really great last couple of days.

Celebrated a good Christian life well lived at a funeral in Kettering last Friday. I love Army funerals…strange thing really, but it brings it all home to me.

Then, there was the Burns Supper and Ceilidh at the corps. Really enjoyed that…got me in the mood for going to Scotland on Friday.

Sunday, had a really good block of worship time on Sunday night. I find it so helpful…things is…I am too busy enjoying it to notice if the rest of the corps are joining in!!!

Monday, what on earth happened to Monday?

Today, we led assembly at the local primary school. It was fantastic to see those 60 kids light up when we taugh the, “Our God is a Great big God”…even the teachers were affected…people were still singing it when we left. Great to hear Godz music floating around these places.

Tonight, we had another fab monthly corporate prayer meeting…these have been special. We are still struggling to get more than ten at any given time…but…I live in faith.

Right now I am tired…I know…its late….u can tell by the time stamp at the bottom of the message…but I gotta declare that I need a holiday!

I am homesick too…not really for people, but the place. I miss Scotland…I miss not being able to talk normally and people understanding you. I miss familiar beautiful places that I haven’t managed to replace south of the border. Places that are special to me because of times spent there. I confess that, actually, I ache for home. I confess that its tempting not to come back…not because I am not enjoying it, far from it…but every now and then you realise you’re out of your comfort zone and its hard. Thats what I signed up for.

The biggest battle in officership is when people take lightly the things you have handed over your life for. The advance of the gospel, discipleship, all the rest of it. I guess I might never understand why people can have casual faith like it is some sort of sleazy affair.

Anyway, we’re staying at Balvonie..lovely views of the forth of Clyde from there…I’ll enjoy that. I’ll see the familiar places and that will cheer me on. Thank God for a place to call home.

yours, almost tempted to retreat,


3 thoughts on “Captain needza holiday…

  1. And have a really deserved rest.We love you & your family ………… you’re special and you really do talk normally and people do understanding you!!!! :-))Have a lovely time and take careGod BlessPete & Pauline

  2. Captain . . . I read your blog and am enjoying it. I was in Bristol a year ago. I’m from the US and have a great love the the Salvation Army. I’m not a Salvationist, but still have a place in my heart for the Army.All of that to say, I really do believe that God is stirring many of you there in England. Do you know Malcom and Bev Knightly? I went to one of their services when I was in England. It was a great blessing to me to hear of their vision.FYI, I am a creative arts director at a church here in the US. That covers our media, music and mime ministries. I’m in transition at the moment but found your blog as I was creating mine. I relate to your passion for worship and the idea of “spending my life on God”.Anyway, I’m glad you’re back to posting. BTW . . . my blog URL is:

  3. I can relate to your homesickness. We serve off the mainland of Australia, our home is on the mainland and it is a boat or plane trip to go home. We have just returned from a trip home and as you say it is so hard not to want to stay. We had to leave, leaving our family, our eldest son and return. But as you say it is what you give up to serve God, to be where he wants you to be.I am always fine when I return to my ministry and Corps, love it heaps, just miss home, there is such a pull to be in a familiar place, with familiar people, with family.But God is good and he has placed some good people around us to replace our family (well not that you ever do) I think there is something very special about the sacrifice. But I am glad to know that others feel the same. Last year I arrived at the airport in Melbourne to fly out and found one of my comrade officers there also returning – we spent time weeping together as we farewelled our home…Anyway, have a great holiday.God Bless and enjoyGlenda

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