My War

Well, here’s hoping that normal bloggin can resume!

So, the last couple of days I’ve been blogging about how I’m feeling at the moment. Which, of course, doesn’t really reflect how I feel now, but I have a genuine feeling of ‘disturbance’ and thats usually interesting. Thats what I get for asking that God would disturb me.

The one thing that is troubling me is that at the moment I don’t have a ‘personal’ ministry. What I mean by that is this….yes, I have the corps ministry with all that goes with that. You know, the preaching, teaching, leading, envisioning…all that. Basically, I have had very little opportunity recently to get involed personally in a direct way in evangelism and spreading the Kingdom.

Looking back, I’ve ALWAYS had something that has been a ministry ‘apart from’ but ‘part of’ my Army ministry. I mean, I’ve always did what I’ve done as a salvationist, but not necessarily with other salvationists or even specificially related to my immediate responsibilites to a particular corps.

A big part of that has always been to do with the rougher end of society. Since I was a young salvationist, I’ve always personally been involved with ministering to the homeless. As a young lad of 16, I used to spend my pocket money on a can of soup, water it down and pour it into a flask and head to Glasgow to be what I could be to whoever looked as if then needed a cup of watery soup.

At Bible college it was part of my responsibility as Evangelism Outreach Co-ordinator to do that, so again, a part of my salvationist calling worked out in other ways. Again at Dennistoun, when the corps was really getting me down, I joined up with a local church and offered to cook soup every week for the prostitutes and pimps etc. Making that soup was like administering the sacraments. I really was. And I miss that.

At training college, I was part of the Soho team. It is such a common thread of my personal ministry and I miss it badly. I have a heart for the poor and I miss the poor. I meet Jesus when I meet the poor. I mean, I meet him elsewhere, but nowhere so tangible as sitting on the ground giving a cup of something to someone. I might do something about that…

Apart from that, I’ve always had opportunity to have the time for some personal evangelistic enterprise. Since I found Jesus, I’ve always invested personal time in evangelism, again, as a salvationist, but purely personal initiative and not something corps organised. The Salvation Army is a part of who I am, and I guess thats why its like that.

I am really desperate for just a little bit of time where I, myself, can lead by example in having that degree of personal outreach/evangelism. Its funny, there is mention of that kinda thing in the Os & Rs for Officers…talks about the need for an officer to fight his own individual war too.

I pray that God will disturb me that little bit more so that I can just sense again that urgency that frees me to see truly what is important and what is despensible in my current life/ministry pattern to engage in my own war. Know what I mean?


4 thoughts on “My War

  1. If you’re ever in London on a Tuesday night, you’re more than welcome to come out with this year’s “Soho team”. We’ve had a few really good contacts lately (see my own blog for a few thoughts)

  2. My dh and I felt the same way and something happened to us – while we were praying, God showed us very clearly that we needed to make OUR FAMILY our priority for a while . . . I don’t know you, don’t know if you have a family or not, but somebody else might read this and be missing their “street” ministry (which is sitting in their living room, playing Gameboy or watching TV).

  3. Well droeh…not sure that we’re talking along the same lines….but yes family is important. And yes, relaxation is important, but having personal initiative in evangelism is important too…keeps the focus.

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