The War is heating up…

As fully expected, the war intensified at our Healing Presence weekend. Amidst a whole lot of grace, blessing, wholeness and a strong sense of the presence of the Holy Spirit came a barrage of attack. You could almost say ‘hallelujah’ if it were not for the fact that some of the resistance was from within.

We’re still pressing on for freedom for our own people. We have seen many of our key local officers come under attack in some way, either physically or mentally, or through the physical, mental or emotional sickness of family members. Many other corps people are sick in body, mind or spirit.

We sensed God’s call again to prayer…calling us to be an Army advancing on our knees. What does that really look like? I strongly sense the need for sustained prayer in all forms.

Bill Hybels said in one of his books, “If you want to know how popular a denomination is, go to its morning service. If you want to know how popular a preacher is, go to the evening service. If you want to know how popular Jesus is, go to the prayer meeting.”

Well, well, well.


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