Papal Prophecy

Interesting prophecy from Rick Joyner that he received in 1992. He records this in his book ‘The Harvest.’

…very interesting.

“In 1992 I was given the understanding that there would be two more significant popes over the Roman Catholic Church. There may be more but I was only shown two, both of which were very significant. The first pope that I saw became enraged against evangelical and charismatic Catholics, driving multitudes of them from the church. This pope sought to increase the political prestige and power of the church by intrigue but ultimately brought great humiliation. After this pope I saw another who was a true lover of God and the whole body of Christ. The spirit of Josiah was upon him to remove idolatry and false doctrines from the church. This man was humble, just and seemingly fearless in his quest to restore the church to Christ. This man will bring such a revival to the Catholic church that it will have an impact on the entire church, which will esteem him as a true brother. He will be cut off at the height of the revival and the whole world will mourn for him. Though I saw these two popes in this sequence I am not certain that their times will come in this order, or if there will not be intervening popes between their reigns.”

Amen. Let it be. Prophecy should be tested by scripture and proved by its fruit. Lets watch and pray.

(a nod to Cory Harrison for pointing this prophecy out)

yours in Jesus

3 thoughts on “Papal Prophecy

  1. Interesting…Obvious question, what do you think it means? How do you think it relates to current events?Just interested to hear your take on it.

  2. Well…as I said, its a prophecy, and it needs to be tested against scripture…there doesnt seem to be anything a-scriptural.In terms of who it might apply to…I don’t think John Paul II could have been the popes described. So, I guess, just maybe, we have to be looking closely at the next fella…if it doesnt appear to be true then either the prophecy is not true or its speaking of the future. The prophecy in itself actually sounds quite plausable…I can imagine those things taking place. A big part of me is desperate to see the catholic church reformed and revived…part of that must surely be doctrinal reform as well as spiritual.Rick Joyner is a fairly ‘reliable’ and ‘sound’ sorta guy. He is very highly thought of in prophetic circles due to his words with regards to the WTC and Pentagon attacks as well as his simple integrity in ministry. I’ve never read or heard him say anything that makes me dubious or doubtful of him.As I said, its a watch and see scenario.

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