Blood and Fire

Really..I’m still here. This last week has been a busy but productive week. The last few weeks have seen us taking our war in Portishead (the town next door to us) a few steps forward. We’re moving towards a plant /outpost in Portishead. The corps has been sowing into the town for years…we have our large carol service there every Christmas…God has been speaking prophetically to me about of involvement there are I believe its time to begin the reaping. Looking forward to seeing what God will do. Last week we invaded the High Street with chocolate and blessed the passers by…some really positive conversations with people that were openened up by a little bar of chocolate.

Today, we went to a ‘Pray for the Harvest’ event in an open air amphitheatre…some great worship and powerful prayer…the ‘Blood and Fire’ was flying boldly decaring the heavenlies that Jesus is Lord, God is Holy and the Spirit is burning within us. People seemed to have a strange attraction to it….it was well photographed…they were either trying to work out country it represented OR being Christians they were understanding the significance of “Blood and Fire” and caught something of its declaration.

Anyway…on a personal level, the fight is tough at the moment but God is producing victory. These times of intensity in my personal experience are usually times of creating and developing passion for the things on heart of God…he is preparing me for something.

Am I ready?

yours in Jesus

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