Small things…

My valiant CSM redirected certain people away from us today….thanks Pete. Oh the tyranny of small things, small issues, magnified into mountains.

We’re losing the war to small things at the moment. My trouble is that I’ve never had patience for small things. Partly its my past life…partly, its typical of a prophet….according to a good book. True.

BUT…things like the fact my 37 year old aunt had a brain scan last week to see if her cancer has spread to her brain from her lungs, liver and breasts puts life into perspective. I need to be able to share the gospel with her before she dies or before God heals her. I have been too late with my grandparents…I regret that. She doesn’t want us (her neices and nephews) to know that she is as ill (my cousins are a lot younger than me…I’m the oldest). But, my mum told me. I need to send her something…will probably have to drive to Wales to post it anonymously so that I am not damaging trust between my mother and her.

To be honest I didn’t become an officer to deal with minuteai (how do u spell that) of stuff. You can call it what you like…youthfullness, imaturity, insensitivity, ignorance….but you give me a good enough reason to bother about silly little things and I will do it.

I’m not annoyed with God…God is righteous and merciful. I’m annoyed with people who are the 21st century of pharisees. I understand how Jesus felt about them. It doesn’t seem that Jesus had much compassion on them and I’m not sure why…but he must have pitied them.

Hmm. So….all you readers, please pray for my aunt, Christine. Her husband Gordon, two children Ross and Amanda. My mother, Donella, and my other aunt, Annabel. Prayer is all we got.

Pray that God will speak to her, convict her of her need of him first and foremost. Then pray that God would bring healing to her body.


One thought on “Small things…

  1. Prayers are with your family. I understand the frustration about the “little things” they stop us from seeing the big picture that God wants to paint before us. The little things distract us from the real work of building God’s Kingdom. There is need to educate people about this. When people are focused upon themselves they only see things from their point of view from what they want, when they are focused outward they see thing from a Kingdom point of view, they get things into perspective…. sounds like there is some sound preaching on such things in order. Good Luck and God Bless.Glenda

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