Seeing a dream…good old Japan

I caught a little soundbite on the TV lastnight, can’t remember what was on, that has stuck with me and I wanted to think about. Apparently, when the Japanese talk about dreaming they don’t say “I have a dream” they talk about “seeing a dream.”

Subtle but interesting difference. You can have a dream but unless you go the next step and ‘see’ it you might never actually see your dream become reality. The whole vision thing is something that has to be seen. I continually keep in my mind a picture of where I think God wants me to be, what he wants me to be and seeing that dream moulds my days (when it isn’t cloudy).

Talking about dreams, I have been having some very active ones. I told you about all the marching last week, well recently it has all been the marchers laying face down in worship. I can’t pick out any songs but just continuous worship and awe.

That is a dream worth seeing!

in Jesus

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