Worship Climate

Had a lovely session of worship this evening…on my own, in the hall just before we kicked off with our discipleship programme. I do that often for my own good, but its something I do regularly in order to pray for the people who usually put their bums on the seats.

Walking round the seats praying for each person…praying especaially for the 5 or 6 empty ones! Gee our hall is too small! If everyone came one Sunday we’d be stuck. Hallelujah!

But other times, I do a lot of war in that hall. Kicking the devil out. We’ve noticed that he’s been around a bit, but then that can be expected when we are on the march…blisters! I’d recommend it to anyone…pray that the walls would be so secure that the deciever cannot stand the holy presence of God.

Major Doug Burr said this this week:

“I love it when The Enemy helps you out! It’s never his intention, mind you, but sometimes, he’s just too smart for his own good.This morning, I was preparing to preach on trusting God through the tough things in our lives. All through my prayer time, I was feeling down- almost depressed. I couldn’t seem to break through. Then all of a sudden, the thought flashed through my mind: “This isn’t worth it. Give up; quit.” That’s when I knew instantly Satan was at work.

So I broke out my Praying the Bible book, and started fighting back. It wasn’t long after that, that I did break through. My spirit lifted and I knew we had a good meeting ahead of us. And that’s just what happened. I think God was able to break through to many people, because we took a stand against our great Enemy and caused him to flee! There was some very direct confrontational prayer against Satan and some very direct proclamational prayer over the people. It was one of those awesome, empowered times when God just wants to get his message through to us! So we’ re all going to watch for those times when Satan comes at us to make us feel depressed or out of sorts. And we’re not going to let him get the better of us. We’re going to trust God to work out any situation for our good. Want to join us? Take your stand!”

Amen Major Burr! Calling all pray-ers…why not have a stomp around the hall…


4 thoughts on “Worship Climate

  1. Hey it must be the same as the spelling of pope without the capital …………… see your Wellspring article ……… I left it as you typed it!!! ;o)

  2. Well, stomping sounds like fun, but when it happened to me the other day I went and stood in a snowstorm of pink cherry blossom in the local park – I just kind of stood there, listening to the birds and knowing that I was completely and utterly surrounded by the deep and compassionate love of God. It made me feel that all these problems we really face, the ones we make for ourselves, and the ones we worry about that don’t really exist at all (ie cos they haven’t happened yet) will all blow away like the petals in the wind when we stand there with Jesus. Sometimes I am just making too much noise myself to hear his gentle voice – I mean he created stars, super-novas, galaxies and the fabric of space-time itself, yet he chooses usually not to be heard over my walkman….lol.

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