Soft heart, hard feet

So, yes I am still on the planet. I’ve had such a tiring few weeks. It could be the need for a holiday coming back again! We’ve been to Roots during the May bank holiday and for me, this year, the best thing about it was discovering that Captain Stephen Court and Captain Danielle Strickland are preaching next year on metamorphosis…glory into glory. You kept that one quiet SC! Yes, Roots has lost its nerve a little but I live in hope. It was significant for some of the people who came with is and thats fantastic. Hallelujah!

Anyhow…there has been a load of things happened. God is speaking in several ways at the moment, fairly clearly, about several issues. There has been a quickening of the Spirit in my own life at the moment….I blogged a little while ago that I knew something was coming.

Intense awareness of God is making me very tearful…you know that feeling you get when you have lost someone or you are feeling really hurt…well I’m feeling that so often at the moment yet the product isn’t misery its an experience of both awe and commitment.

What is more, reading stories of God doing things almost doubles me over!

I’ve been praying a la Jackie Pullinger…that God would give me a soft heart and hard feet in order that I can have the courage to lead my people into hard places but with the ability to love whatever the consequences. Oh that God would give us an easy path…but perhaps their is great strength in weakness.

We need increased prayer coverage, so I am recruiting intercessors, people who will pray for us and cover our fight with us. If you would like to sign up, please send an email with ‘Prayer Warrior’ in the title to . I will endeavour to send out a prayer email each week (on a Friday evening). I look forward to hearing from you.

yours in Jesus

3 thoughts on “Soft heart, hard feet

  1. Don’t knock ROOTS. It may appeared less radical, but God managed to speak to me in every session I attended. Some things he said very persistently, others he shouted, still others he whispered. I still wobble, but the foundations are steadier. With SC coming next year, the prophetic vision will be much clearer.

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